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Dear Visitor,
        AVANTY is dedicated to the development of knowledge through books recognizing the fact that there are a lot of people who have difficulty in purchasing the best titles due to high price and shortage of books those deal with rare subjects.
For the last 25 years,we are there in the field with our well known books dealing with different subjects creating new dimensions in publishing.We concentrate in the publication of utility books like dictionaries,law books,industrial guides,directories,agricultural publications,children's literature etc.
Now Avanty is in a fast growing stage with 400 retail outlets,more than 300 titles,daily book exhibitions and about 200 sales personnels. Avanty has HQ at Kottayam and 7 branches.
Now we are on the way of developing a chain of book-shops all over Kerala and the first one of its kind has been started in Eranakulam.
It is a pleasure to welcome you our readers and well-wishers to our portal at this stage that it is nothing but your co-operation that took Avanty to the frontline.

Thank you for visiting us


    Mathews Avanty
Managing Editor



AGRICOSKERALA - 19th B.Sc ( Agri: ) batch of College of Agriculture, Vellayani, Trivandrum

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